Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together


Welcome to the Nursery Class!


Class Teacher: Ms A. James with Miss K. Brett and Mrs R. Dodd as HTLA cover

Teaching Assistants: Mrs D. Mills-Morgan, Miss K. Matthews & Mrs J. Healey

LEA Support Staff: Mrs L. Jones



The Nursery sessions are between 8.45am and 11.15am and 12.30pm and 3.00pm and the classes are called the Ladybirds (AM) and the Bumblebees (PM).

The Nursery teacher is Ms A. James who is assisted by three teaching assistants, Mrs D. Mills-Morgan, Miss K. Matthews & Mrs J. Healey. Miss K. Brett and Mrs R Dodd are the HLTA cover for Ms James.

Mrs L. Jones is the LEA support staff for the Nursery this year.

Within the Nursery session the children participate in a variety of activities such as painting and other craft activities, sculpting, sharing books, mark making, using construction materials and role play.

The outside classroom is used to its full potential and the pupils explore a rich and stimulating environment in which many skills are developed and knowledge enhanced.

Developing the pupils personal and social skills is the pinnacle of the Nursery and the Nursery staff strive to ensure that the children have an enjoyable time and a valuable springboard into full time education.


Here is some information you may find useful...

  • We have our P.E session every Friday in the school hall.  Please remember to send your child/ren to school dressed in their P.E kit.
  • We have a forest school session once per week. The children will have an opportunity to learn about the outdoors in our onsite forest school area.  If your child is selected to attend the sessions for that half term, please ensure they come to school on that day suitably dressed e.g. Warm outdoor clothing and suitable warm footwear. 
  • We occasionally have access to our Digger Land site and will take small groups of children to play, dig and build.  The children thoroughly enjoy their time in Digger Land and they always look forward to visiting again.  Waterproof clothing and wellington boots are provided for the children on these occasions. 
  • In the Nursery we hold ‘Care to Share’ sessions where you can drop in at the end of your child’s session to discuss any problems, ask and questions or just to chat with the Teacher.  The Ladybirds session is at 11.15am until 11.30am and the Bumblebees session is 3pm until 3.15pm every Wednesday
  • For all up coming events, information and dates for your diary please visit the school website, Twitter page and news letter.  Class information will also be displayed on the noticeboards around the Nursery area.


Here are some of the wonderful things we will learn about in the Nursery…

Autumn Term

Term 1A

Colourful Me!

During the first half term the children will be learning songs about colours and the body as well as familiar rhymes.  They will be naming colours in English and Welsh, exploring mixing colours and identifying different shades of one colour.  The children will be painting/making a collage of 'my face' and 'my body' as well as making hand prints and printing with 2D.

The children will learn Pwy wyt ti?...y dw i... (who are you?...I am...), sut wyt ti? (how are you?), lliwiau (colours) and they will learn to count to 5 and name rainbow/enfys colours in Welsh.  

During Physical education sessions the children will listen to and follow instructions in the hall, travelling in different ways using hands and feet, learn each others' names for team games e.g. parachute games. They will develop their fine motor coordination through 'Dough Disco', threading beads, learning to use scissors safely and mark making.  

During this term the children will learn our class rules, all about stranger danger and how to look after themselves e.g. keeping clean.  They will have access to our role play area which will have rotated topics such as, home corner, baby and clinic, colourful clothes shop and family picnic.

The children will name the main body parts, use photos to talk about changes from being a baby, use mirrors to make close observations and explore colour - going on a colour hunt.  

They will listen to stories related to the theme and the children are given the opportunity to talk about when they were babies from info/photos they bring in to school.  they will practice writing their names using dotty cards and learn the correct letter formation.

During Mathematical Development the children will listen to and take part in counting songs about 5 e.g. 5 little ducks, 5 little monkeys, 5 currant buns etc. They will be asking 'how many?', name basic shapes, sort objects into sets e.g. by colour or shape and compare objects by size. 

Term 1B

Party Time!

During the second half of the term the children will be learning about our new topic, 'Party Time'. They will be naming colours in English and Welsh, making 3D models and wrapping presents. They will also be making Diya Lamps as part of the Diwali celebrations.  There will be Christmas crafts in Parent Partners as well as our Christmas Concert.  

The children will be learning about fire safety, taking part in forest school sessions again and talking about birthday's and other celebrations.  The children will be learning new songs relating to our Christmas Concert and talking about what makes them happy and sad.  

During Physical Education the children will follow instructions for a group game, practice rolling balls to each other, continue to use the bikes and large apparatus.  They will also talk part in Dough disco to help develop their fine motor skills.  

The children will listen to and take part in stories such as 'Kipper's birthday', 'How to Catch a Star' and 'Alien Tea on Planet Zum Zee'.  They will practice writing their names and party invitations to develop their fine motor skills.

With in ICT the children will use the ipads to take photos and record their voices, use the 2Simple program to make firework pictures, poppy pictures and make their own party invitations.

The children will use the Welsh language to talk about Sion Corn ( Father Christmas).  They will be using phrases such as , 'Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday), 'Dyma ti! (Here I am) and Diolch (Thank You).


Spring Term

 Term 2A

Where Does Snow Go?

During the first half of the second term the children will be learning all about our new topic, 'Where Does Snow Go?'  They will make a variety of snowflakes from white card, stick foam numbers 1–5 or 1–10 on gloves or hats and use easy grip pegs to hang them on a washing line, make snowmen picture cards and write a number 1–5 or 1–10 on each. They will look at a variety of different book about snow and explore winter words and they will make a winter den in the outdoors area.  

In the creative area the children will explore mixing cool colours. Using blue, purple, grey, white and silver ready-mixed paint. In the outdoor area the children will have the opportunity to use these colours to make snowy footprints while wearing wellington boots.  The children will also explore ice, frozen in a variety of different containers as well as being able to make now flake out of our snowy play dough in the malleable area.  

Our Role Play area will be transformed into an ice cave.  The children will be able to dress up in warm winter clothing while they explore the ice cave.  The children will also be exploring the different animals that may live in a cold, snowy environment.  These animal will be available for the children to play with on the carpet area.  

With in our writing station the children will have access to a word wall where they can take individual word off the wall and trace over them.  They will use glitter gel pens and black paper and chalk to create snowy writing.  

The children will use a variety of Welsh language to describe the weather such as 'Mae h'in oer' (It is cold) and 'Mae h'in bwrw eira' (It is snowing).


Term 2B

Dragons and Castles

During the second half of the second term the children will be learning about our new topic 'Dragons and Castles'.  They will create a castle library and fill a treasure box with books about the topic to look at independently.  They will have access to word mats with project words and pictures to encourage them to read the words independently.  The children will have access to a listening station with knights and dragon puppets and a copy of the book 'Knight School' for them to respond to.

Within the creative area the children will have access to silver painted pasta tubes and colourful beads for them to make their own 'Royal Jewellery'.  They will be able to make their own masks by mixing paints, painting their mask template and sticking a lolly stick to it for form a handle when it is dry.  The children will also have access to materials such as; sand paper, foam, corrugated paper, foil, fabric, bubble wrap and felt to use when making a collage.  

In the malleable area the children will be using dragon-green play dough for rolling out, making marks and cutting.  They will have loose parts for decoration.  

With in the castle role play area the children will have access to costumes, including gowns, princess dresses, jester hats, dragon masks, swords, shields, tabards, helmets, money bags, coins, a throne, large keys and a quill pen.  they will create a dragon's den with boxes, camouflage netting rocks and logs.  They will also have dragon puppets for imaginative play.  

In the writing station they will learn new words such as dragon, knight, jester, castle, queen, king, princess, prince and crown, with pictures next to the words for recognition. The children will be able to trace these new words. In the sand area the children will be able to make marks using mini swords.  They can make their own swords using lolly sticks and foil.  

In the investigation station the children will be guessing which bottle is the Queens perfume from bottles containing different scents such as; garlic powder, peppermint oil, curry powder, shampoo, antiseptic cream, ginger, vinegar and perfume. They will be encouraged to choose a favourite smell and see which one they think would be the queens perfume.  

Within the construction area the children will be building castles with soft play bricks and large lego bricks.  They will use wooden books and bright coloured cups and chess pieces too.  They will be able to look at pictures of real castles to help with their designs. The children will also have access to boxes, tubes and masking tape for junk modelling.  

In the mathematical area the children will guess how many coins the dragon wants by putting gold coins in to numbered jars.  They will use a light box to view different 2D plastic shapes and use those shapes to make a castle.  The children will create a castle kitchen where they can weigh different foods including dried pasta, oats and lentils.  The children will also sort and order 'dragon eggs'.

Summer Term


 Term 3A

Animal World

During the first half of the third term the children will be focusing on their new topic 'Animal World'.  They will learn new animal songs, look closely at animal patterns, listen to and create their own animal sounds using a wide range of percussion instruments. The children will also create their own mini beast.  

With in PSD the children will listen to the story of Noah's Ark, learn about how to look after different creatures that may live in our environment, look after our outdoor environment, learn about road safety and go on a visit to our local farm.  

The children will listen to stories relating to their theme such as 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell, 'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson.  They will develop their mark making and early writing skills by making labels and writing about their favourite animals and drawing maps and have the opportunity to role play in our Zoo and animal hospital. 

During Physical Development the children will listen to and follow instructions in the hall, send and receive balls - partner work.  They will observe animal movements and recreate them by moving their bodies and travelling in different ways.  They will also use different apparatus to move safely over, under and through, develop balance and control over larger body movements and play team games.  

For Mathematical Development the children will listen to and join in with counting songs such as 'The animals went in two by two', make a pictogram of their favourite animals, compare by size and measure using non standard units such as blocks.  They will count and sort, recognise numbers from 0-10 and record numbers in the role play. The children will sequence and use the terms 'first', 'second' and 'third' and make marks to represent numbers e.g. counting how many bugs we find. 

With in Knowledge and Understanding of the World the children will name and identify a range of animals, look/create their own maps, look at where animals live, name animal body parts, sort animals in to different sizes and investigate where most mini beasts are found in our outdoor areas.  The children will construct animal enclosures using kits and recycled materials, know which farm animals produce milk, eggs etc and draw/type about a favourite animal.  

The Welsh phrases the children will be using this half term are:

  • Sut wyt ti? (How are you?)
  • Lliwiau (colours)  - coch (red), glâs (blue), melyn (yellow), gwyrdd (green), oren (orange), pwis (purple), dû (black), gwyn (white)
  • Ble mae'r...? (Where is the...?)
  • Pwy biau hwn? (Who does this belong to?)
  • Dyma'r... (Here is...)


Term 3B

 Commotion in the Ocean

During this half term the children will be focusing on their new topic, Commotion in the Ocean.  They will be making treasure maps, sharing stories linked to the topic, for example, Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae, Sharing a Shell and The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson.  They will also explore non-fiction books about sea life.  Also within Language, Literacy and Communication the children will write postcards, revise all the single letter sounds and record a submarine log.  

For Knowledge and Understanding of the World the children will explore natural media and resources found on the beach, talk about where they have been on holiday and record this on a world map, look at real fish and make observations about their features, make their own boats using recycled materials and find out about submarines and sharks.  

For Welsh language development the children will read Tedi Twt ar Lan y Môr, sing Dw i'n hoffi hufen iâ, name beach resources such as, bwced, rhaw, tywod, baner and revise their colours. 

For Mathematical Development the children will go on a treasure hunt, Role Play in the Siop Hufen Iâ (ice cream shop) exchanging coins for items, count how many fish their boats can hold, explore capacity using water, pebbles and shells and explore sorting activities using natural media. 

To develop the children's personal and social skills they will be having some new experiences this half term.  The children will stay for dinner, have a taster session in their new classes and take part in sports day.  Any feelings and worries they have will be discussed during 'Circle Time' and recorded in our Time to Talk book.  They will share their personal stories of their holidays.  We will read the story, The Rainbow Fish and discuss the importance of friendship.  

Within music sessions the children will explore the sounds of the sea and create their own sounds using recycled materials and percussion instruments.  They will also learn new songs linked to the theme and with in Religious Education sessions the children will learn about the importance of water in different religions.  They will also learn about christenings in church.  

For Creative Development the children will explore textiles, create drawings of shells and fish, create their own sea life creatures and Rainbow Fish art using clay and sequins.  They will also respond to sounds of the sea through mark-making and with in ICT the children will use the internet to find out about beaches in Wales, use Purple Mash to type postcards, create their own Rainbow Fish and use Ipads to make their own digital books.

Within P.E sessions the children will respond to the music of the sea in dance sessions; moving like a fish or crab, practice for sports day and work in teams by using the parachute and bean bags.  

Forest School will be in its third cycle and will continue each week on a Wednesday.  The children will have another opportunity to visit Diggerland and explore how to build sand castles.  



Hapus a chysurus wrth ddysgu gyda'n gilydd.......Happy and secure as we all learn together