Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

Welcome to the Bears class!

Teacher: Mr Williams

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Parry

Associate teacher: Miss Hughes 

 General Information. 

The class door is opened at 8.45am and the register is taken at 9am, please be in school before this time.

School finishes at 3.15pm.

For the first two weeks we will dismiss the children from the classroom door. After week 3, please allow us a little bit of extra time as we dismiss the children from the door on the yard, NOT our classroom door.

Fruit and milk are given for snack, this can be paid for weekly or half termly.

PE is on a Wednesday. Please ensure all kits are in school on this day.

During Term 1 we visit Abergele Leisure Centre on a Friday for Swimming lessons, please ensure we have our kits on this day and that any earrings are removed or are taped over if ears are newly pierced.

We post pictures of what we are up to on Twitter, download the app and follow us if you haven't already!

We use the Remind app to liaise with our parents, this is free to download and is a great way of communicating so please get it if you don't have it already!

Our 'Share Session' is on a Thursday from 3.15. If you have any questions or concerns then I will be available to speak to you on this day.



The Bears Class is a Year 2 class and at the moment we have lots of wonderful hard working pupils! 

Every morning we have Read, Write, Inc sessions, Read, Write, Inc is a phonics programme designed to introduce the skills of reading and writing from initial sounds right through to comprehension and extended writing activities. We also have Mathematics every morning, we learn through different strategies making maths fun!

We work in different groups during the mornings depending on the stage that we are at. Our teachers make sure that the work we do is appropriate to our abilities as well as making sure it is challenging and helps us gain new skills and understanding on a daily basis.

Our classroom is organised into the areas of the Foundation Phase, and each area has activities in it relevant to our current topic. At the beginning of the half term we decide what we want to learn in our topic and help our teachers to plan the areas in the classroom as well as deciding what we want to find out. We also have an outdoor classroom that has similar areas as inside and, again, we plan the activities that will be in these areas and work outside regularly during the afternoons.

We have PE sessions once per week and during one term a year we go to the local Leisure Centre for half hour swimming lessons. Alongside these activities we also have many opportunities during the year including Forest Schools.

As we are in Year 2 we have many responsibilities around the school. We have three School Council Members, two ECO Committee members, two pupils on the Fairtrade Committee and two school buddies who ensure that playtimes at Ysgol Glan Gele are safe and happy.  We also have play rangers who help Miss O'Hanlon organise fun and interesting games at dinnertime.




This half term the Bears class are learning all about

The World Cup! 

Over the next 7 weeks we will be:

  • Researching Russia
  • Making a football stadium
  • Designing and making a football using Papier Mache
  • Making the World Cup trophy using clay
  • Measuring our heart rate after high and low intensity exercise
  • Making a set of goal posts using recycled materials
  • Reading the story of ‘The missing trophy’.
  • Creating a different ending to a football story
  • Football problem solving
  • Drawing and making symmetrical flags
  • Making Russian dolls
  • World Cup tournament
  • Drawing the Kremlin
  • Using ICT to create a poster advertising the World Cup Final
  • Plotting football stadiums on a map of Russia
  • Researching a team who are playing in the competition

The Scented Garden - Term 3a


During this half term, we will be...

  • Creating observational drawings of plants and flowers
  • Learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and re-creating some of his work in our own styles
  • Creating lyrics to a song to teach people how to plant a bulb/ seeds
  • Creating large scale versions of leaves and flower heads from the rainforest
  • Taking part in a creative project where we will be planning, designing, making, modifying and evaluating our work
  • Creating floral collages inspired by the work of famous artists
  • Learning about flowers and flower arranging from Mrs Roberts
  • Following the Physical Literacy scheme in our PE sessions
  • Learning how to stay safe on the internet
  • Understanding what ‘disappointment’ means and how we can deal with it
  • Learning about ‘honesty’ and how important it is to be honest
  • Visiting Pentre Mawr to find out what plants and flowers grow there
  • Making maps, lists and powerpoint presentations about our findings in Pentre Mawr park
  • Creating a map of our Forest School area
  • Studying our school grounds and offering ideas on how to improve them further
  • Carrying out a Flora and Fauna survey
  • Learning about the rainforest and comparing the features to our country
  • Finding out where different rainforests are located on a map of the world
  • Visiting Bodnant Garden to find out about its history and the plants and flowers that they have there
  • Listening to the stories of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and ‘The creation’
  • Learning about newspapers and writing our own reports during Literacy Week
  • Representing data in various ways and analysing it during Numeracy Week
  • Learning about our 5 senses and taking part in different senses activities
  • Finding out if plants really do grow towards the light
  • Planning and creating a fantasy garden
  • Making lemon and lavender biscuits
  • Finding out if seeds can be transported during our ‘what’s on your wellies’ investigation
  • Finding out how plants and flowers transport water

as well as many other exciting activities!

Term 2 -  LAND AHOY!



Over the next 10 weeks we will be:

  • Visiting Talacre Beach
  • Reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’
  • Designing disgusting sandwich fillers to scare the seagulls away!
  • Learning about circuits and their components
  • Lighting a bulb in a circuit
  • Learning about Grace Darling
  • Learning about the work of the RNLI
  • Identifying RNLI stations on a map of Britain
  • Visiting the RNLI station in Rhyl
  • Carrying out an investigation to find the best material to make a boat
  • Making pirate treasure maps
  • Programming a toy to move around a treasure map
  • Making our own lighthouses
  • Designing and making our own boats
  • Learning some pirate sea shanties and making our own
  • Pirate dancing
  • Talking about Trust and Respect
  • Thinking about how we can show ‘perseverance’.
  • Talking about all of the people who help us





Bears topic for Term 1b - Moon Zoom.

Over the next 7 weeks we will be:

  • Reading ‘The Man on the Moon’ story and linking lots of our work to it
  • Researching the planets and making a planet book
  • Writing postcards from the moon
  • Finding out about space history
  • Acting as investigators when investigating a crash landing
  • Writing newspaper reports
  • Gathering and recording data about space and the planets
  • Finding out about aliens
  • Designing symmetrical aliens
  • Thinking of questions we would like to ask the man on the moon
  • Preparing questions for the astronaut Tim Peake
  • Carrying out a balloon powered rocket investigation
  • Creating books about our topic
  • Making a solar system model
  • Creating space sounds and movements
  • Designing an alien spaceship
  • Planning and carrying out a space themed party
  • Making rockets that will take off
  • Making breathing apparatus for Tim Peake.



Dens and Dandelions - Term 1a


Over the next 8 weeks we will be:

  • Going on a trip to the park
  • Creating a journey booklet using natural resources
  • Searching for and measuring woolly worms
  • Listening and responding to the story ‘Superworm’
  • Searching for Wizard Lizard’s buried treasure
  • Designing wanted poster for Wizard Lizard and Superworm
  • Going on a mini beast hunt
  • Planning and carrying out a growing experiment
  • Taking part in a scavenger hunt
  • Writing a poem using our senses
  • Using a computer to create a branching database
  • Labelling plants and trees
  • Learning about forests and woodlands around the world and making comparisons
  • Sequencing the life cycle of a plant
  • Designing and building dens
  • Sketching plants and flowers
  • Creating symmetrical insects on Purple Mash
  • Using natural resources to create a collage
  • Designing and making woodland puppets
  • Creating woodland sounds