Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

Welcome to the Lions Class!

Class Teacher: Mrs Laura Martin


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Angie Marr


 Our Classroom


The Lions Class is a Year 2 class of 25 pupils. We work very, very hard in the Lions all year round!


Our classroom is divided into different Foundation Phase areas of learning, these areas are changed each half term to suit our topics. We work with Mrs Martin during our Immersion days to plan the activities in the areas to make sure they are challenging, fun and help us to learn more about our topic. We also have a lovely outdoor area and we have different learning areas outdoors too, these are also linked to our topics and ensure that we have access to different resources to further develop our skills.


Important information:

The class door is opened at 8.45 and the register is taken at 9am, please be in school before this time.

Fruit and milk are given for snack, this can be paid for weekly or half termly.

The Lions PE Day is a Tuesday, please ensure all kits are in school on this day.

We post pictures of what we are up to on Twitter, download the app and follow us if you haven't already!

We use the SeeSaw app to liaise with our parents, this is free to download and is a great way of communicating so please get it if you don't have it already!

Fflic a Fflac our Welsh puppets go home with one child each week, please help your child to fill in their diary and include pictures/ drawings and some Welsh words from their weekend.

Our 'Share Session' is on a Friday from 3.15, if you have any questions or concerns then the Lions staff will be available on this day.

As we are in Year 2 we have many responsibilities around the school. We have two School Council Members, two ECO Committee members, two pupils on the Fairtrade Committee, two pupils on our Cymraeg Campus Committee and two school buddies who ensure that playtimes at Ysgol Glan Gele are safe and happy. We also have two pupils on the Entrepreneurial Committee and four pupils who are play rangers, their job is to help make play times fun! 


A school day in the Lions Class is always very busy and we are always working very hard. We have lots of opportunities to go on trips and visits and by the end of the year we aim to visit Bodelwyddan Castle, the RNLI, Talacre lighthouse, the Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl, Tesco and the beach.


Our Special Class Words are ‘Safe', 'Ready’ and 'Respect', we try to follow these these on a daily basis and make our grown ups very proud and pleased.



 Please find below an overview of the topics we are covering:


Term 1 - TOWERS, TUNNELS & TURRETS (2018 - 2019)

Over the next few weeks we will be:

  • Making catapults and carrying out an investigation
  • Building bridges
  • Carrying out archery and trebuchet investigations
  • Making biscuit bridges and investigating them
  • Learning about Reversible and Irreversible changes
  • Learning about the artist Paul Klee and looking at his work ‘Castle and Sun’
  • Creating self Portraits
  • Designing and making shields
  • Creating castle paintings
  • Visiting Gwrych Castle
  • Finding out about people and jobs in Castles
  • Learning more about the features of castles
  • Finding out more about the lives of children in castles
  • Visiting Tesco to shop for a banquet
  • Preparing and making food for a banquet
  • Planning and carrying out a Banquet
  • Visitng Bodelwyddan Castle


    as well as many other exciting activities!





Over the next 7 weeks we will be exploring the following questions:


  • What was Abergele like when our Grandparents were young?
  • What kinds of houses are there in Abergele?
  • How can we make Abergele better?
  • What jobs do people have in Abergele?
  • Where is Abergele on a map?
  • What types of transport is there in Abergele?


The children decided on the above questions themselves. In order to answer them we will be exploring the following activities:

  • Visiting Pentre Mawr to speak to the residents
  • Making rock cakes
  • Looking at maps and photographs of Abergele in the past and comparing it to today
  • Learning about different materials including natural and man made
  • Interviewing a builder
  • Comparing and grouping different materials
  • Looking at the work of the artist Martin Evans and creating work in his style
  • Using the Shadow Puppet app to draw and describe our houses
  • Looking at different types of houses and their features
  • Exploring and recording the different types of houses near our school
  • Creating questionnaires to find out people’s views on Abergele
  • Comparing and discussing our questionnaire results
  • Creating posters to encourage people to look after our town and community
  • Carrying out a litter pick to help to look after the town
  • Looking at Abergele now and suggesting ways to make it even better
  • Writing to the Mayor to offer our ideas to improve Abergele
  • Finding out about jobs and people who help us in the community
  • Creating a Class Blog
  • Finding out about jobs in the past
  • Writing thank you letters in Welsh
  • Finding Abergele on a map
  • Drawing our own maps with keys


as well as many other exciting activities!