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Welcome to the Tigers Class Page!

Tigers Class 

2018 - 2019 

Class Teacher: Miss J. Biddle

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D. Hansen

The Tigers Class is a Year 2 class. There are currently 26 children in the class and we all work very hard, we always try our best and we never give up!

In Year 2 we have lots of responsibilities in the classroom and around the School. We have two representatives for each of the following committees: School Council, Eco, Fairtrade and Entrepreneurial. We also have two buddies who help to look after the younger children during play times.

Over the School Year we will cover a variety of topics to develop our skills and knowledge! We will have the opportunity to go on lots of trips to enrich our learning experiences. 

Throughout the year we learn about lots of exciting things! Please have a look below to find out more...

Term 1a - Rio de Vida

This half term our topic is ‘Rio de Vida’. Over the next 8 weeks we will be…

  • Finding out about and comparing carnivals around the world.
  • Locating the location of different festivals on a map.
  • Learning about the history of different festivals.
  • Thinking about festivals and celebrations in our lives.
  • Learning about Brazilian mythology.
  • Finding out about the different costumes that people wear at carnivals.
  • Listening to samba music.
  • Researching Rio – the capital of Brazil.
  • Learning about the Jewish festival ‘Rosh Hashanah’ and building our own sukkahs.
  • Dancing to samba music.
  • Designing and making a carnival float.
  • Finding out – can water make music?
  • Finding out more about the tomato festival.
  • Making and tasting a variety of festival foods.
  • Exploring how Harvest is celebrated around the world.


…as well as lots of other exciting activities!