Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

Welcome to the Tigers Class Page!


Class Teacher: Miss J. Biddle

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D. Hansen

The Tigers Class is a Year 2 class. There are currently 26 children in the class and we all work very hard, we always try our best and we never give up!

In Year 2 we have lots of responsibilities in the classroom and around the School. We have two representatives for each of the following committees: School Council, Eco, Fairtrade and Entrepreneurial. We also have two buddies who help to look after the younger children during play times.

Over the School Year we will cover a variety of topics to develop our skills and knowledge! We will have the opportunity to go on lots of trips to enrich our learning experiences. 

Throughout the year we learn about lots of exciting things! Please have a look below to find out more...

The Nutcracker Term 1b 

Over the next 7 weeks we will be…

  • Reading the story of the Nutcracker.
  • Designing and making catapults to throw cheese at the Mouse King.
  • Making castles using biscuits and sweets.
  • Investigating ‘can water make music?’
  • Making music outdoors.
  • Creating a news report about the battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King.
  • Sending an email to the characters from the story.
  • Exploring algorithms using ICT.
  • Writing a poem about ‘The Land of Sweets.’
  • Researching the different countries that Clara and the Nutcracker visit in the story.
  • Finding out about instruments from around the world.
  • Making our own instruments and becoming a marching band.
  • Making Christmas decorations.

We will also be…

  • Learning about the Gunpowder Plot.
  • Listening to and retelling the Christmas Story.
  • Learning about Mother Teresa.
  • Listening to the story of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat.
  • Finding out about traditions of the Jewish Faith.

Land Ahoy! 1a

Over the next 8 weeks we will be:

  • Listening and responding to the story ‘The Pirate Cruncher’.
  • Using different materials to get treasure out of ice.
  • Building a bridge using spaghetti and marshmallows to help the pirates get to Treasure Island.
  • Designing and building boats to carry cargo across the water tray.
  • Researching famous Sea Explorers.
  • Using the Mashcam programme on Purple Mash to take on the role of a famous Sea Explorer.
  • Creating a fact file about a pirate.
  • Going on a treasure hunt and creating our own treasure maps.
  • Learning about Grace Darling and the RNLI.
  • Going on a visit to the RNLI in Rhyl.
  • Visiting Conwy Marina and sketching boats.
  • Going on a trip to the beach to collect natural resources and creating our own Beachcomber art.
  • Learning pirate sea shanties.
  • Designing our own pirate flags.
  • Working as a team to build a rescue raft in the Beach School area.

…as well as many other exciting things!