Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together


Welcome to the Kangaroos class


Class Teacher: Miss Miles

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mills-Morgan

Welcome to the Kangaroos class! The Kangaroos is a Reception class which currently has 30 hard-working pupils! Our teacher is Miss Miles and our teaching assistant is Mrs Mills-Morgan.

We work hard in the Kangaroos and we play hard too! We have lots of fun learning about interesting topics. At the beginning of each half term we help our teachers to plan our topic. We decide what we want to learn about and which challenges we would like to complete.

Every morning we have Read, Write, Inc sessions, Read, Write, Inc is a phonics programme designed to introduce the skills of reading and writing from initial sounds right through to comprehension and extended writing activities. We also have Mathematics in the mornings, we learn from the Numicon and Inspire Maths schemes.

 The Kangaroos Class is divided in to the different Foundation Phase Areas. Each area has a challenge to enhance our learning and develop new skills. This is changed on a weekly or fortnightly basis changed according to the theme.

 We like to learn outdoors as well as in the classroom and try to get outside as much as possible. We have weekly outdoor learning sessions throughout the year and also have the chance to enjoy Forest School and Diggerland sessions.

 We have PE sessions once a week that cover on all areas of physical literacy e.g. games, coordinated movement, gymnastics, dance and ball skills.


Some important information:

  • The class door is opened at 8.50am and the register is then taken. Please be in school at this time.
  • Pick-up time for the Kangaroos class is 2.50pm. Please come through the Nursery gate to collect your child to allow for social distancing. Thank you!
  • Milk is given at snack time.  Children are encouraged to bring some fruit to school to eat at this time.
  • We post pictures of what we are up to on Twitter, download the app and follow us if you haven't already!
  • We use the SeeSaw app to liaise with our parents, this is free to download and is a great way of communicating so please get it if you don't have it already!
  • If you have any questions or concerns the Kangaroos staff will be available via SeeSaw to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries!
  • Your child will be given a reading day at the beginning of the school year.  They will read on this day each week but please ensure they bring their books to school every day.
  • Our PE day, this half term, is a Tuesday. Please ensure that your child comes into school in their PE kit on this day.


Throughout the year we learn about lots of exciting things! Please have a look below to find out more...

Welcome to the Kangaroos classroom!

Find out what we have been learning about below....

Term 3b

This half term we are learning all about…

 The Joys of Toys!

This half term, our class will enjoy a number of activities based on the theme of toys.

Term 3a

This half term we are learning all about…

Fun on the Farm!

This half term, our class has enjoyed a number of activities based on the theme of farming.

We discussed what we would like to learn this half term and here were our ideas!

We would like to:

  • listen to stories about farm animals
  • create a map of a farm
  • make animal masks and crafts
  • learn how to grow different plants
  • find out what being healthy means
  • learn about baby animals and their special names
  • research tractors and how a farm works
  • find out where animals on the farm go to sleep at night
  • learn a special 'Talk 4 Writing' story
  • learn how to SeeSaw our own work
  • grow beans
  • find out what is produced from a farm

We also planned to...

  • develop our physical skills through PE, daily 'Wake Up and Shake Up' sessions, and our Sports Day
  • learn how to look after our environment through our special Eco day
  • discuss important values and topics in our 'Time To Talk' sessions
  • continue to develop our language skills in our Read, Write Inc sessions and Handwriting practice
  • continue to enjoy exploring the Inspire Maths scheme 
  • continue to learn and enjoy in the outdoors 

Term 2b

This half term we are learning all about…

Wales and Australia

This half term we have enjoyed learning all about life in Wales! 

We have:

  • Created Welsh crafts such as Daffodils and Welsh dragons!
  • Learnt how to make Welsh cakes by measuring ingredients
  • Learnt lots of Welsh songs and rhymes
  • Dressed up in traditional Welsh clothes
  • Discussed what we like about living in Wales
  • Enjoyed an Outdoor Learning day based on Welsh dragons
  • Learnt a Welsh story 
  • ....and much more!

We have also enjoyed learning all about life in Australia!

We have:

  • Used Mantle of the Expert and our imaginations to board a flight to Australia!
  • Learnt key facts about Australian animals
  • Discussed how we can keep the Great Barrier Reef clean and clear of litter/ pollution during our Time To Talks
  • Enjoyed physical development sessions where we practiced moving like Australian animals!
  • Identified Australian landmarks and used a BeeBot to locate them
  • Created flags, Australian dollars, boomerangs and didgeridoos in our independent challenges
  • ...... and much more!

We then compared Wales and Australia, and discussed just how much we have learnt this half term!

We have also celebrated Easter and Mothers Day this half term!

Da iawn chi i gyd Cangarws! 

Term 2a

This half term we are learning all about…

People Who Help Us

We have been learning at home during Term 2a.

Our topic this half term has been 'People Who Help Us'. 

Week by week, we have enjoyed exploring the many ways that different people in our community people help us everyday. We hope that you enjoy exploring some of the activities and challenges that we completed as part of our Home Learning!

Week 1- Introduction to 'People Who Help Us'

We researched our topic and discussed what we would like to be when we grow up!

Look below to see our lovely work from Week 1!

Week 2- Medical Helpers!

This week we learnt all about how doctors, nurses, dentists and all other medical staff help us everyday! We created lovely rainbow banners and patterns to say a special thank you to our amazing NHS staff, who look after us every day. 

Look below to see our lovely work from Week 2!

Week 3- Vets

Throughout Week 3, we enjoyed exploring Vets. 

We learnt about what a Vet does, we created 'Get Well Soon' cards for the poorly animals from our story, we learnt how to look after pets and what they need and we created our own Vets roleplay at home!

Look below to see our super work!

Week 4- Emergency Services

Throughout Week 4, we enjoyed learning all about the Police, the Fire Service, Paramedics and the Coastguard.

We learnt all about how the emergency services help us, we created crafts and we investigated which materials would make the best lifeboat!

Look below to see our lovely work from Week 4!

Week 5- Opticians!

We learnt all about what an Optician does in Week 5. 

We enjoyed creating our own pairs of glasses, following a map, creating a roleplay including letter charts and playing seeing games!

Look below to find out more!

Week 6- People Who Help Us at School!

We have enjoyed learning all about the jobs of different members of staff in school. We have created a map of our school, followed recipes just like Aunty Sue (our school cook) and we have even made our own school roleplay at home!

Look below to see our super work!


We have also enjoyed completing daily phonics, literacy and Maths tasks, as well as weekly Welsh and Health and Wellbeing activities!

Term 1a

This half term we have been learning all about...

Percy the Park Keeper

This term we have been focusing on our developing Literacy and Numeracy skills. We have also focused on Health and Wellbeing. 

This term we have enjoyed:

  • Planting flowers in our outdoor area
  • Learning all about our new school routine in Reception
  • Listening to Percy the Park Keeper stories
  • Learning and writing the story of 'Little Charlie' 
  • Practising our Numicon skills
  • Learning a sound day during our Read, Write Inc sessions
  • Having many dough discos!
  • Practising Maths skills during our Outdoor Learning sessions with Mrs Casson
  • Learning all about our Brain Buddies!
  • Completing PE sessions, as well as yoga and 'wake up, shake up' sessions in our class
  • Practising our Welsh skills....and much more!


Term 1b

This half term we are learning all about…


We are learning about lots of different celebrations this half term, including:

Bonfire Night!

We learnt the story of Guy Fawkes, we created bonfire artwork, we discussed safety around fireworks and we danced like fireworks.

Poppy Day!

We discussed what we are grateful for, we created poppies and we enjoyed lots of poppy- themed numeracy and Welsh work.


Due to Covid-19, we learnt about Diwali from home. We read a Diwali story, we learnt about Rangoli patterns and we enjoyed developing literacy and numeracy skills during this week.


We have learnt all about Christmas traditions. We have enjoyed exploring the Nativity story, Christmas around the world, creating Christmas crafts, discussing Christmas values and will be performing our very own Christmas show!