Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

Staff responsibilities:

Julia Buckley Jones:  Headteacher, Safeguarding, Equality, Deprivation

Zoe Cope: Deputy Head, Progress Manager, Assessment and Skills, AOLE lead for Languages, Literacy and Communication, ALNCo, RWI Manager, Network Lead Mentor (CABAN), MAT Coordinator, School Council Lead, Transition Manager

Emma Shiland: Assistant Head - Standards and Curriculum, AOLE lead for Expressive Arts, Cymraeg, Bilingualism, Professional Learning Lead

Jenni Murnane: AOLE lead for Humanities, Parental Engagement, Eco Committee Lead

Jodie Biddle (on MAT Leave): AOLE lead for Maths and Numeracy, ALN Support, Digital Learning Lead, Fairtrade Lead

Rhys Williams: AOLE lead for Maths and Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing, ALN Support, Behaviour Management Lead

Alli James:  AOLE lead for Health and Wellbeing, Healthy Schools Lead

Sarah Davies: Strategic Outdoor Learning Lead

Hayley Jones: AOLE lead for Humanities (RE), Entrepreneurial

Jade Morris:  AOLE lead for Science and Technology

Sean Jones: AOLE lead for Science and Technology, Digital Learning

Lizzie Miles:  AOLE lead for Expressive Arts

Aimee Hughes: AOLE lead for Maths and Numeracy

Abi Jones: AOLE lead for Languages, Literacy and Communication

Delyn Woodhouse:  Additional Learning Needs support

Mandy Jacklin:  Health and Safety 


Health Care -

There are routine visits from the school doctor, dentist and nurse. The school nurse can be contacted through school and she is happy to discuss and try and help with any child health issue. If your child becomes ill during the school day, the school will make every effort to contact you.


Child Health Issues -

The School Nurse is Alison Turton, she meets with parents to discuss health issues, usually in an afternoon over coffee.  Several times a year, the Young Peoples Health Advisor holds an information session for Parents and Carers. She is based in the Abergele Clinic.