Cymraeg Campus

Cymraeg Campus  is Welsh Language Charter to promote and increase the use of Welsh by children in a whole school context. The main aim of the Charter is to stimulate a strong Welsh ethos and provide a range of enriching activities that encourage the children to enjoy learning Welsh.  We were awarded our Cymrage Campus Efydd (bronze) award in October 2019.  This year we are working towards our Cymraeg Campus Arian (silver) award.



Criw Cymraeg

The Criw Cymraeg meet on a weekly basis. They decide on the 'Cymraeg yr Wythnos' and share it during Golden Assembly on a Friday. The Criw Cymraeg have lots of responsibilities including teaching Welsh games on the playground, asking questions in Welsh in the classroom and around the school and greeting everybody in Welsh at the beginning of every assembly!


Tocyn Iaith

Throughout the week, the children are rewarded for speaking Welsh with a 'Tocyn Iaith'. On a Friday the Criw Cymraeg ask every class 'Sawl tocyn iaith?'. The class with the most is announced during Golden Assembly on a Friday and they are rewarded!


Useful Links to support Welsh at Home: