More Able and Talented (MAT)


Ysgol Glan Gele is committed to nurturing all academic and special talents of all our pupils. Each child is unique and we feel that it is important to ensure that each child is able to reach his or her full potential. Each class has a MAT register where individual talents are noted and the provision identified. We provide a range of extra groups and plans to meet the needs of all our pupils.


Here, at Ysgol Glan Gele, we ensure that the needs of our more able and talented children are met by:

  • Having high expectations of all children.
  • Providing stimulating and challenging learning experiences through differentiated planning and resources in and outside the classroom.
  • Ensuring that the children are motivated and take responsibility for their learning, asking questions, solving problems and thinking for themselves, embracing the Growth Mindset.
  • Closely monitoring progress so that no child is underachieving.
  • Offering a wide-range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities so that all children get the chance to experience and explore their talents.
  • Encouraging and teaching our core values, Safe, Ready and Respect.


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