Welcome to the Reception classes!

There are three Reception classes in Ysgol Glan Gele; the Kangaroos and the Kookaburraand the Koalas


The Reception year is the children’s first year in full time education and, when they start in September, they are introduced to a fun, stimulating and play - based curriculum.


Each of the Reception classes is divided into various areas of learning which include construction, role play, ICT, Cymraeg, small world and graphics. These areas are set up daily to develop the children’s skills and understanding within a topic. Each area has continuous provision for the children to choose and enjoy and this is then enhanced by specific resources to develop specific skills.


Alongside the indoor classrooms, we have a large outdoor area which is also divided into different areas of learning. The children experience a variety of activities in the outdoors and learn a lot about their environment and the world around them.


The Reception area also has a 'creative area' that both classes can access. This area is always supervised by an adult and has the sand pit, water and large construction in it.


Each half term the classes cover a different theme, these themes are decided upon by the children and are then planned for by the class teacher.


We also enhance the children’s experiences by trips, visits and guest speakers and artists. All of these things ensure the children acquire a wide range of skills and produce work they are really proud of.


The children are introduced to the Read, Write, Inc letter sounds during their first term in Reception and are also encouraged to begin blending these sounds which is the first step towards reading. Throughout their time in the Reception there is a large focus on Read, Write, Inc, reading, correct formation of letters and independent writing.


As in all of the classes in Ysgol Glan Gele, the staff in the Reception work hard to ensure all of the children in their care have an enjoyable, stimulating and productive year in preparation for their time in Year 1.