‘Happy and secure as we all learn together’ 

'Hapus a chysurus wrth ddysgu gyda’n gilydd'




'The first steps are the most important'

'Gorau cam, cam cyntaf'



School Vision for the Future


Ysgol Glan Gele will lay the foundations for life by offering a positive, rich experience for all its pupils. In this school, education is about children experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative in writing, art, music, developing their self confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally. It will be characterised by high standards in literacy and numeracy; and a rich, broad and balanced curriculum. Education will be the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Young children learn better when they are excited and engaged, when there is joy in what they are doing, they learn to love learning.This will be carried out in a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere epitomised in the special words for Ysgol Glan Gele.


There will be a strong commitment to helping all children succeed underpinned by strong relationships with parents and the community. A supportive community where 'to care is to share'. In this school children will be engaged by learning that develops and stretches them and excites their imagination.

They will enjoy the richness of their learning by learning different things and learning in many different ways: by listening, by watching, and by doing. Pupils will learn through play, in small groups and through art, music, dance and sport. They will engage with actors, poets, artists, musicians and dancers who will demonstrate skills outside the remit of normal teaching staff.


We will use the out-of-doors and the local and wider environment.There will be visits out of school to the forest and the beach and visitors coming in to school to enrich teaching and learning. They will learn from each other, from adults other than teachers, before school and after school. We will involve their parents and grandparents, formally and informally. We will provide well for their social, emotional. spiritual and cultural development.

The leadership team will develop a curriculum that offers rich, exciting programmes of learning, making changes and improvement over time. Resources will be used flexibly and imaginatively.

All of the learning and teaching will be of a high quality, It will be planned and managed so that every child is supported and challenged. Learning will be focused on individual pupils’ needs and abilities and we will develop assessment for learning, which enables knowledge about individual children to inform the way they are taught and learn. Teachers and teaching assistants will provide a tailored approach to support children with additional educational needs, more able and talented children, minority and ethnic groups. We will give extra support to the children that need it most. We will also provide activities outside school hours to help to give children pleasure in learning.


This school will drive its own improvement, to set its own challenging targets recognising that for the sake of our children, we can always do better.


We will strive to offer every child – whatever their own individual characteristics – the chance to achieve their full potential, and we will achieve high standards for all children, giving them foundations for future learning, and for success in life.