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Ysgol Glan Gele School Council 

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Ysgol Glan Gele has a very active School Council. The School Council was established in Spring 2007 to boost pupil participation and  it is now an important body within Glan Gele. The School Council provides pupils with a 'voice' within the school. Representatives are democratically elected from each of the full time year groups. Pupils serve for the whole of an academic year and meetings with the Head teacher, Mrs Cope and Mrs Adamson are held at least once each month.  The School Council meet every Tuesday after school to look at the most recent issues and discuss their next campaign. 


Officials are elected from each class at the beginning of each year. Minutes are taken at each meeting and actions are recorded. The Council has a budget of £100 a term and members decide on expenditure after liaising with their peers. The School Council has a notice board which serves to inform the rest of the school of events and actions.  School Council members wear badges of office.


The School Council is helded by Mrs Cope and Mrs Adamson. It has its own Flag and logo which were designed with the help of a local artist. The flag is displayed in the school hall and is used at special events such as the Remembrance Day Service in Abergele. We are very proud of the work of our School Council and the very responsible manner in which they carry out their duties within the school . They are involved in self evaluation and understand that they are important in securing school improvement.


Ysgol Glan Gele School Council Members 2019 - 2020

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Office to Mrs Buckley Jones - 

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