Inspire Maths is an approach to teaching  maths which has been adopted in Ysgol Glan Gele.  It has been developed from a Singapore maths Programme to be used in the UK and has had great successes. It provides a scaffolded learning framework, with problem solving at the centre.  The programme encourages extensive practice to develop fluency and deeper understanding.


Staff and pupils have embraced this new way to teach maths and we feel this has made big impacts on children's learning and attainment.


Some facts: 

  • All classes have a Maths Area with resources they can access, games and activities
  • All sessions have mental starters and teacher and TA focuses.  
  • There are enhanced activities/challenges for each session and children are encourage to explore outside.
  • All classes have a Working Wall that can be changed, adapted and added through the different units.
  • Maths of the day - we have facts of the day to help us consolidate our learning
  • Classes have 'toolboxes' on tables to make resource selection easier
  • We focus on CPA -

Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract

  • concrete - being introduced to an idea using real life objects to physically understand the concept
  • pictorial - when this is understood the use of pictures as a representation
  • abstract - a child can use mathematical symbols to gain the answer