Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

 These sessions are weekly sessions with Auntie Sue and Mrs Woodhouse with children, culminating with parents to end their block of sessions. The cookery sessions provide the children with a variety of skills needed to cook and prepare lots of exciting dishes in the kitchen. Under supervision, the children are allowed to cut, chop, weigh and prepare lots of different ingredients.  

To begin the cookery sessions Auntie Sue does a presentation using the 'well plate' all about nutrition and healthy eating. The well plate is a visual guide which outlines a balanced diet, allowing the children to identify healthy and unhealthy foods.

Some things the children may make during these sessions include fruit smoothies, muesli, fruit kebabs, pasta salad, pizza and much more! All of which allow the children to use their cooking skills.

At the start of the session the children are introduced to the kitchen rules, including correct hand washing and personal hygiene such as wearing the correct clothing in the kitchen including aprons and hats.

They all have so much fun creating dishes and gaining lots of useful life skills, seeing how ingredients turn into a delicious final product!