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Language, Literacy and Communication
Skills Outcome - Reading


Reading 1

  • Children understand the basic structure of reading materials.
  • They follow texts read by a familiar adult and start to volunteer information about familiar texts.
  • They begin to recognise differences and similarities in pictures, shapes, patterns and textures

Reading 2

  • Children hold books the correct way up and turn pages, choose different kinds of simple reading materials and make meaning from pictures.
  • They recall details of texts, begin to make simple links to their own experiences and respond appropriately.
  • They recognise differences and similarities in objects and visual and tactile stimuli and link objects and images to spoken initial sounds.

Reading 3

  • Children choose reading materials including books, and understand print conventions and simple text features to identify stories and information texts.
  • They retell familiar stories in a simple way and identify information from texts using words and visual features, making links to personal experiences.
  • They recognise that words are constructed from phonemes and these are represented by graphemes.
  • They will read some familiar, simple words using strategies with support and show awareness of simple punctuation.

Reading 4

  • Children talk about simple text features and use them to identify content and link visual features to written text.
  • They retell events from narratives in the right order.
  • They recall information in texts, using personal experiences to support their understanding.
  • They recognise familiar words and use strategies to decode others, tracking print with their eyes and read punctuation expressively.

Reading 5

  • Children choose reading materials independently giving reasons for their choice and use texts as a source of information by using text features.
  • They explain relevant details from texts and, recall and retell narratives and information drawing upon personal experiences, prior knowledge and new information to support understanding.
  • They use a range of strategies when reading suitable unfamiliar texts to establish meaning, tracking print more quickly with growing accuracy, fluency and emphasis