Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School

Happy and secure as we all learn together

Our Chickens

Here at Ysgol Glan Gele we have 4 chickens.  Belinda is our oldest and the first in our chicken family. We then hatched some chickens and kept two, these were Rizo and Dorothy. Then to add to our chicken family we hatched some more chickens and Chewy then became the newest to our addition.

All our chickens are free range which means they lay free range eggs, Aunty Sue uses these free range eggs in the school kitchen. Every Friday we have free range Friday which allows the chickens to roam around our Outdoor Classroom, however more often than not, they are roaming in the Outdoor Classroom with the children daily. Children are reminded to always wash their hands after being in the outdoor area and are encouraged to take responsibility for helping feed the chickens and also collecting the eggs.

The children are encouraged to learn how to care for the chickens as well as understand their life cycle. We regularly hatch our own chicks and the children are fully involved in the process, from looking at the eggs to monitoring the hatching throughout the whole process. Both staff and pupils really enjoy this experience and the excitement it brings!

The children get used to the chickens being around and both the children and the chickens enjoy each others company when the outdoor learning area is in use.